The Month That Was – March 1950

Oshawa Daily Times
C.R.A Annual Meeting Tonight
March 1, 1950

The fourth Annual Meeting of the Oshawa and District Community Recreation Association will be held at the Oshawa Recreation Centre tonight at 8 p.m., with retiring President Lloyd Smith in the chair.


Oshawa Daily Times
Refuse To Raise Rate to Oshawa Hospital
March 1, 1950

County council yesterday refused to increase the indigent rate to Oshawa General Hospital from $2.50 to $5.00 as requested by the hospital.


Canadian Statesmen
Bantam Basketball, By Don Stutt
March 2, 1950

Last Wednesday BHS Bantams played basketball against OCVI at Oshawa.  This was the deciding game of the season.  The final score was 50-11 in favour of Oshawa.  The deciding factor in the tremendous score piled up by Oshawa was that Bowmanville could not get used to the much larger floor.


Oshawa Daily Times
Cold Snap Ends Tonight
March 3, 1950

There’s good new today for shivering Ontario: The cold snap ends tonight. Coal short, snuggle clad householders can go right on worrying. But by midnight there won’t be much sting left in winter’s latest haymaker, the weather man says.


Oshawa Daily Times
Big Issues face U.N
March 3, 1950

Lake Success, N.Y, March 3 (CP) – The critical issues of the Red China and the atomic bomb appeared headed today for a special session of the U.N general assembly in New York in mid-May. But U.N leaders privately expressed little belief that such a meeting would entice the Russians back the fold unless on unexpected break comes.


Oshawa Daily Times
Coal Strike Over
March 7, 1950

Once president Truman had asked for authority to take over the coal mines and operate them, in order to end the prolonged coal miners’ strike, it did not take the mine operators long to come to terms with John L. Lewis. Within twenty four hours, a basis of agreement had been reached, and in another day a new contract had been signed, so that miners could return to work.


From the Canadian Statesman, March 9, 1950

From the Canadian Statesman, March 9, 1950


Canadian Statesmen
Chrysanthemum Tea
March 16, 1950

The name McLaughlin is a byword in the homes of Oshawa and Bowmanville residents.  Their imposing residence, “Parkwood,” has long been one of the show places of the Motor City.

Not only has Col. RS McLaughlin gained fame as a pioneer in the automobile industry, but he is widely known as a collector of art and a successful racer of thoroughbred horses.  Mrs. McLaughlin is keenly interested in numerous projects and especially the unusual variety of flowers maintained in the “Parkwood” greenhouses.  Like the rest of us, she admires them for their beauty and fragrance, but unlike most of us she has a remarkable knowledge of their habits and ancestry.

It was Mrs. McLaughlin’s interest in flowers which brought about the first Chrysanthemum Tea almost 30 years ago.  Since then, the ‘Tea’ has become an annual event of social importance.  The 800 invited guests who attended the ‘Tea’ constituted a veritable who’s who of Toronto, Oshawa and the surrounding district.


Canadian Statesmen
Unemployment Turnover in Oshawa One of the Lowest in the Dominion
March 30, 1950

Encouraging reports from the National Employment Service in Oshawa indicate that unemployment this winter has noticeably decreased from the figure of last winter.  Last March found approximately 1,400 unemployed males in the Oshawa area.  This March has seen a reduction of about 400.


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