The Month That Was – January 1865

Roast Beef in Jeff. Davis’ Dominions
January 18, 1865
We lately gave an extract from the proceedings of the Rebel Congress showing that steps had been taken to permit Jeff. Davis to draw his rations from the public crib at reasonable rates, instead of paying exorbitant prices to the hucksters, butchers, and other un poetical characters, who have a higher regard for roast beef and poultry than for Rebel currency.


Freedom in Tennessee
January 14, 1865
The commercial has a special from Nashville which says Tennessee state convention has unanimously passed a resolution declaring slavery forever abolished and prohibited it throughout the state.


January 18, 1865
The Canadian Legislature had, at present, 70 members in the Upper, and 130 in the Lower Branch, making 200 in all. In this island we have thirteen Legislative councillors and thirty representatives in the House of Assembly, being forty three in all. The annual expense of the Canadian Legislature is $ 240,000; which is equal to our whole revenue for 1863.


Prohibition in the Township
January 18, 1865
In the township of Binbrook, in the County of Wentworth, near Hamilton, the prohibitory By-law has been carried by a vote of 84 to 22. In the township of Darlington, it has been carried by a majority of 172. It seems however that one of the polling days was on a holiday, which is likely to render the election void.

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