The Month That Was – December 1871

Whitby Chronicle
December 7
Progress of Oshawa
We notice with much gratification the remarkable progress of our neighboring town of Oshawa, as exhibited by the census returns.  The population has increased from 2,009 in 1861 to 3,185 at the present time.  Its manufacturing industries have been also very much enlarged and extended… the Vindicator is fully justified in the statement that “Oshawa is now the largest incorporated village in Ontario, and has a greater population that nineteen of the towns.”


Whitby Chronicle
December 14
From Our Exchanges

The necessity of a second fire engine is urged, and the old engine is soon to be put in better working order.

The Oddfellow’s Encampment here, has the largest number of members in the organization, than any in Canada.  They had a grand support on Wednesday evening last, which was largely attended and passed off in a most agreeable manner.  Mr. Black, of the Commercial Hotel, being the caterer on the occasion.

A brakesman, named Tamblyn, recently had his foot crushed badly, on the Grand Trunk at the Oshawa Station.


Canadian Statesman
December 14
Sydenham Farm For Sale
One of the best farms in the county of Ontario, pleasantly situated in East Whitby, on the margin of Lake Ontario and commanding a fine view of the lake and surrounding country, only half a mile from the wharf and warehouses at Port Oshawa, two miles from the GTR Station, and three from the village of Oshawa.  It contains 300 acres of land, of the best quality… being well watered, the Oshawa creek crossing the farm, along which are some 30 acres of river flats, unsurpassed for pasture.  The buildings consist of a comfortable frame house with a verandah, having a lawn in front with shrubbery and an excellent garden…  Such a place it seldom offered for sale and should command the attention of any person wanting a first-class farm in a good locality.
-Thomas Guy


Whitby Chronicle
December 21
East Whitby
All the old councillors were re-elected by acclamation.  Jas. O Guy reeve; Jno Smith, deputy reeve; Richard Luke, Jerry Lick, and Richard Mothersill, councillors.

WH Gibbs elected reeve, and WF Cowan deputy reeve, by acclamation.  For councillors, there were nominated AP Cameron, P Wall, James Lakes, R Smith, W Warren, [jun], and J Hamilton.


From the Oshawa Reformer

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