The Month That Was – November 1927

Canada’s Outlook for 1928 is good
November 2nd, 1927

London, Nov 2.-Industrial conditions in Canada are excellent, and the outlook for 1928 is good, said F. W. Field, senior British trade commissioner in Canada, on his arrival at Liverpool aboard the Albertic Sunday. He emphasized that there was a marked was a marked desire for greater investment in the Dominion on the part of the United Kingdom.

It is probably true to say, continued Mr. Field, that business men and investors of the United Kingdom have taken a greater interest in Canada this year than in any previous year.


North Simcoe School to Extend Rink to a Standard Size
November 2nd, 1927

North Simcoe Home and School Club held their November meeting on Tuesday evening, with the president, Mrs. H. Smith, in the chair. Various reports were presented, the treasurer’s report showing a very favorable balance in the bank. The total proceeds of the recent rummage sale amounted to $54. It was decided to have the rink extended to make it the standard size for hockey games. Further plans are being made for the bazaar which is to be held in the school on December 10. Pleasing solos were rendered by Mrs. Percy Maybee and Mrs. Leo Gray, which were much appreciated. Refreshments were served.


Rum Running Boat and Ale Seized
November 16th, 1928

After a chase in which on shot was fired, a coast guard rum chaser today captured a 35 foot cabin cruiser in the Buffalo inner harbor near the Bird Island pier. The cruiser was loaded with more than three hindered cases of ale.

Two men, who were on the cruiser, were arrested. They described them as Henry McCaffrey and Robert Tweedy, of Port Colborne, Ont. They were charged with possessing and transporting liquor.


Oshawa in the Whitby Newspapers

A ‘Remember Away Back Then?’ segment talked about the introduction of the ‘semi finished’ laundry method that was used by Oshawa families and not too long after the 24 hour ‘super speed’ service came into play!


In 1927 fast cars weren’t what we consider fast today. A Chrysler add in a 1927 Whitby Gazette tells us that their newest car could get up to 25mph in just eight seconds! The car could hold up to five adult passengers, it was 30 miles to the gallon and cost only $1,045.


The Ontario Reformer

According to the Ontario Reformer in 1927, the ‘ideal’ citizen was one who saw his town clearly and could see the good in all community situations. He would always spread the good about the town to fellow citizens and is self-less in all he does. He shares his home with those who need one and his loyalty to the city is impeccable.


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