The Month That Was – October 1932

Only Oshawa Men to Work in City
October 10th, 1932

Mayor Ernie Marks received a report this morning to the effect that eight men, residents of East Whitby, a gang employed on excavation work for the Ontario Shore Gas Company, were employed on Simcoe Street and that men of Oshawa who applied to be employed could not obtain work.

Bearing in mind the fact that Reeve Ross of Easy Whitby complained very vigorously just recently because one lone Oshawa man was found to be employed on similar work in the township, the Mayor immediately referred this report to John T. Milner, general manager of the Ontario Shore Gas Company, who assure the Mayor that while he had no personal knowledge regarding the matter he would immediately make it his business to investigate the circumstances of the case.

Mr. Milner assured the Mayor the policy of the company to employ Oshawa men only within the city limits was being enforced so far as laid in his power, and that id non-residents were being employed he would see that the matter was rectified immediately.


New Microscope Shows Electrons
October 16th, 1932

Rome.-Invention of a microscope for observing and measuring the velocity of ‘the infinitesimal electrons was announced recently by Professor A. Millikan, of California, a winner of the Noble prize, at the meeting here of 50 world famous physicist.

How scientists detect the antics of the nuclei of atoms also was demonstrated at the meeting.

The instrument announced by Professor Millikan consists an x-ray microscope, which he termed a multiple crustal spectrometer. He credited its invention to Professors Jesse Dumond and Harry Kirkpatrick of the California institute of Technology, Pasadena.

Dr. Millikan projected photograph made with the machine, and described it as giving the first evidence of the inner workings of the dynamic, instead of the static atom.


Wonder Gasoline Developed for Modern Engines
October 17th, 1932

When engineers produced a compact, efficient, high-compression motor to give greater power and high speed to automobiles it was with the idea that there would be developed a super-refined, top-quality gasoline with high anti-knock rating, especially suitable for such engines.

With the appearance of the new motors there arose an instant widespread demand for a new-type gasoline having satisfactory anti-knock, instant-starting, gum-free and power-developing qualities. Refiners scrambled to produce and deliver as quickly as possible, a motor fuel that would meet the new requirements.

The new type fuel was produced in due time and is now available at all Supertest stations. Naturally, it had to have a name, something descriptive, by which the public could identify it. Many minds were engaged on the problem and much time was spent before a choice was made. “Why not”-finally said on official of the Company- “call it what it really is, Wonder gasoline.”


Divorce given as cause of Crime
October 19th, 1932

St. Petersburg, Fla.- Dr. Carleton Simon, criminologist and former deputy chief commissioner of New York, recently told the international association of chiefs of police here one of the fundamental causes of crime is traceable to divorce “and its accompanying evil-alimony.”


Warren and Hicks Sent Up for Trial
October 22, 1932

Courts heard the rough evidence against Ewart Warren and Harold Hicks for the murder of Dr. More and five robberies while armed. It is said that Warren, dressed in a dark blue suit with a fedora on top, was looking rather “Cold” in this warm setting, showing his discomfort.

It is also known that Mr. Warren’s father tried to attend the trial but was caught up in the crowd after hiding from the paparazzi and was stuck out in the hall. It is still unknown if Mr. Warren was able to see his son before the officials took him away. The case was heard in the Men’s Police Court in October, 1932.


News of the world in a Nutshell (Newspaper segment from October 1932)
October 17, 1932

University of Vienna and Polytechnic were closed October 17, 1932 due to Nazi and socialist students rioting.

Herman F. Rutstein (Age 32), was kidnapped in Boston and brought to a cottage where he was bound to a bed and blindfolded. Three men were in the cottage and all were arrested.

Managua, Nicaragua was menaced by the rebel leader General Augusto Sandino of Mexico.

In Alaska on October 17, 1932, a man named Clyde Hannagen was hunting, and shot a deer. He proceeded to carry the deer out of the hunting grounds when Mickey Wells, another hunter, saw the deer head moving and shot it. The bullet hit Mr. Hannagen and brought down him and the deer.

In Massachusetts Manuel G. Fontes stormed into the Police head quarters on October 17, 1932, and admitted to murdering his wife Julia and Manuel L. Fernandez whilst the children were in the front yard.

The Romanian Cabinet of Premier Vajda-Voevod resigned on October 17, 1932, and the king reserved the decision for the new Member of Parliament.


“Gold Mine” Found in Africa
October 22, 1932

A gold mine was found in October 1392 in Johannesburg, South Africa, estimated at weighing 278,000,000 tons. It was found partially by chance, like most mines in Africa, by a German geologist who came to study the rock two years previous to 1932.


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