Curator’s Community Reflections

By Melissa Cole, Curator

A few years ago, one morning during the month of June while sitting at my desk, which is located in Guy House looking out onto Lakeview Park, I heard a gentleman talking on his cell phone outside my office window,

“…there is a large playground, sandy beach, a museum, snack bar, wow this park is beautiful”

Lakeview Park, from Melissa's office window
Lakeview Park, from Melissa’s office window

I couldn’t agree more with this statement.   I spend most of my days at Lakeview Park and quite often I am treated to stories of lazy days spent down at the lake whether it was learning to swim or taking a ride on the Ocean Wave.

The Ocean Wave
The Ocean Wave

As a child I also spent many summer days down at the lake, with my dad, going for walks, stopping at Tommy’s for fries and watching the waves crash on the beach!  Of course I always wanted to stop and play at the wooden playground that had these amazing bridges that moved when you ran across them.

Tommy's Fries, August 1988
Tommy’s Fries, August 1988

At the time, the Oshawa Marina was located off Harbour Road.  We would stand on the pier and watch boats coming and going from the marina.  After we left the park, Dad always loved driving over to the Marina and looking at all the boats.  I remember thinking how large all the boats looked when they were out of the water and parked on shore.

Today I bring my daughter down to the lake to frolic in the park and at the playground!  She seems to enjoy it just as much as I did and still do.  Hopefully Lakeview Park will bring fond memories to her as well, when she is older.

Early morning hours of Lakeview Park
Early morning hours of Lakeview Park

Reflections of Oshawa: Celebrating 90 Years as a City opens September 26, 2014.


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