The Month That Was – September 1947

To Aid Strikers at Steel Plant
September 6, 1947

Hamilton Locals of the United Steel workers of America (C.I.O) were preparing to give financial aid to 75 employees of the Welland Vale Manufacturing Company who went on strike last Tuesday to enforce demands for a 10 cent-an-hour wage increase.

Marvin McAvells, president of the Strikers’ Local 2853, charged that top officials of the company, whose head office is in St. Catherines, had refused to meet union representatives.


Old Coin is undated but Very “Odd”
September 6, 1947

A most unusual coin was received at the Times-Gazette office yesterday in answer to repeated queries concerning old or odd coins which may be owned in the Whitby-Oshawa district. The owner of the coin in this instance was A. E. Winter, R.R. 2, Oshawa.

Mr. Winter’s coin was copper colored, about the size of a modern day halfpenny and bearing the words, Halfpenny Token. The condition of the coin would indicate.

On the face of the coin a man is depicted doing some sort of menial farm labor, although just what it might be is not clear. Around the face of the coin are the words, “No Labor-No Bread”. On the reverse side of the coin a farmer is depicted plowing behind two horses or oxen and inscribed around the etching are the words, “Speed the Plow” Halfpenny Token.


Hitler Balked at Invading England
September 8, 1947

New light on one of Hitler’s best kept secrets-why Britain was not invaded-was cast today in published passages of the diary of Gen. Frans Halder, former chief of staff of German Army.

According to Halder’s dairy Hitler suddenly stopped active preparations for an invasion of Britain on the ground that a “crossing to the channel would be a mistake” and that Germany would find another way of beating Britain. Halder said Hitler thought this was only a matter of time as the war was already won.


45,000 Idle, Coal Strike is Spreading
September 9, 1947

A month old strike in the Yorkshire coal fields spread to six new pits today. The press Association reported 45,000 workers idle at 44 collieries this morning.

The Wakefield Chamber of Commerce protested to the Government against a cut in gas supplies which followed the walkout.

“This cut in gas will have an adverse effect on an important industrial area and cause a deplorable loss of industrial production and inevitable unemployment,” the Chamber said after supplies were cut for 3,000 factories and more than 100,000 homes.


Potato Shortage Looms in Ontario
September 12, 1947

Simcoe, Sept. 12.-(OP)-Ontario may face potato shortage this winter because the yield is lighter than last year due to a late blight and the fact that the area planted is 7,000 acres less than last year.

R. E. Goodin, potato specialist of the Ontario Department of Agriculture reviewed the shortage possibility Thursday in an address to farmers of five countries at a potato to field day near here.

“This year we are going to need every potato we can produce,” stated Mr. Goodin, forecasting a large demand market.

Lower potato prices last year when growing conditions were ideal was held partly responsible for the probable decrease of 1,000,000 bushels this fall.


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