The Month That Was – June 1926

Board of Health Again Complains about City Dump
June 1st, 1926

The Board of Health will again protest to the City Council the existence of the city dumping ground on Gibb Street. Each year this has been done, but after some discussion the matter has been more or less shelved, largely through no other location being available. At last night’s meeting of the Board of Health, Mayor Preston suggested that the city property on Ritson road south be utilized for a dumping ground. He expressed the opinion that the residents in the vicinity of Gibbs Street had suffered long enough from the nuisance and it was time that it was abated.


More Nova Scotia Landmarks Pass
June 2nd, 1926

(By Canadian Press)
Halifax, N.S. – One by one the old landmarks that link Nova Scotia with her glorious past are disappearing, some by act of Providence and others through the indifference of the present generation. The latest to go was the 129 year old “Lynk House” in Sydney, a staunch old structure built by a Haliburton in 1797, when Cape Breton was a separate province.


Parking Limit Signs are here
June 4th, 1926

The parking limit signs have arrived and are being placed in position on telegraph poles in the business section of the city by the police department. The signs limit parking to 30 minutes and Chief of Police Owen D. Friend says that the law will be enforced in this connection. There were 32 signs purchased by the Police Commission. Additional signs are being purchased to place near the public schools to warn drivers of motor cars to travel slowly.


Henry Ford buys Famous Landmark
June 4th, 1926

(By Canadian Press)
Henry Ford has come into possession of the Little School House that Mary Sawyer of “Marry and the little lamb” fame attended when the poem, which has since become immortal, was written. According to the terms of the transaction, Mr. Ford will build a garage to replace the school house which since 1855 has been used as a barn at the parsonage of the First Baptist Church.


A Happy Day for Oshawa
June 12th, 1926

The announcement which was mad yesterday by Mr. R.S. McLaughlin, President of General Motors of Canada Limited, that the company would not only continue its operations in Canada but would extend the plant and increase the efficiency of same is the most welcome news ever received here or perhaps by any community anywhere.


Picnic Season Under way today
June 16th, 1926

Oshawa-on-the-lake is opening the picnic season this afternoon with a bang. Two picnics are taking place during the afternoon and evening, when several hundred visitors from out of town points will be at the lake shore. The big event of the day is the visit of the Danforth West Business Men’s Association for their annual picnic. They are here several hundred strong, and in addition to their programme of sports this afternoon have the dance pavilion leased for this evening.

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