The Month That Was – May 1928

Should Oshawa be County Seat?
May 11, 1928

Editor, The Oshawa Daily Times.

Dear Sir:

During the past winter some of my neighbors would occasionally gather in the evening and talk over County and Township matters. One night discussions arose as to the best place for the County town and the talk grew very animated. To give you all that was said would take too much space. There were only two places mentioned, one being its present situation, Whitby, and the other Oshawa.


Straw Hats
May 11, 1928

The straw-hat season will soon be here in its glory of new styles- that is, the men’s straw-hat season, for the woman have been wearing their new straw hats since February, and it will not be long until they will have begun to wear their fall and winter hats.

Straw hats were first made and worn by the Romans, However history records that it was not until many centuries later that straw hats really became popular. It was in the sixteenth century that Mary, Queen of Scots, became interested in the wearing of straw hats, and it was this same Mary who popularized the straw hat.


Uses Own Illness for Experiment
May 14, 1928

New York, May 14. –Dr. Hideyo Noguchi of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research has made use indirectly of his own illness to identify the carrier of the deadly African yellow fever.

While Noguchi was ill from the African disease, he had a monkey inoculated with some of his own blood. Twelve days later the monkey contracted the disease and died. Additional experimentation, he says, showed the micro-organism to be a deadly member of the Leptespira family.


Volcanic Island Erupts 7,000 Times during 24 Hours
May 15, 1928

Batavia, Java, May 15 –During the past 24 hours the Volcanic Island of Krakatoa has erupted 7,000 times, some of eruptions rising 1, 3000 feet in the air, and being accompanied by a rain of ashes.

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