The Month That Was – April 1930

Gandhi Starts His Campaign Sunday Morning
April 5, 1930

Bombay, India, April 5. –Mahatma Gandhi, Indian nationalist leader, arrived today at Dandi, where tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. he intends to break the British salt laws and begin the campaign of civil disobedience which he hopes ultimately will bring his country’s independence.


Oshawa Not Alone in Facing Problem of Unemployment
April 7, 1930

Although there is no endeavor to hide from the public the unemployment situation in Oshawa at the present time a report of the Ontario employment service issued this week proves that Oshawa is by no means in any worse condition than any other city of its size or larger In Ontario. In fact there are many that are greater unemployed problems and this report shows that in some cities there are hundreds walking the streets without any prospect of work for weeks to come.


Blames Mothers for Viewpoint of Modern girls
April 7, 1930

London, -“It is always a matter of surprise to me that people should ever regard cooking and household work as degrading, while they consider typing and looking after a man’s letters as ennobling,” declared Miss Charlotte Cowdray, principal of htw Crouch End High School.

“Girls are meant to marry- there is no getting away from the fact. So many women have told me how they bitterly regret not having married when they were young and had the chance.

“The pity of it is many a modern girl does not realize this when she is young and having a good time. She earns as much and in some instances more than her young men friends. This makes the young men diffident about asking such independent young women to marry them, and if they do ask them the girls do not like the idea of giving up their own good salaries to those of the men.

“I think the modern mothers are largely to blame. I have known some who have deliberately broken off their daughter’s engagements because they thought their daughters would not be able to enjoy life as much on their fiancés salaries.”


May Introduce “P.R” System
April 11, 1930

OTTAWA, April, 11. – The government has under consideration the introduction of a measure for proportional representation. This was stated today by Prime Minister Mackenzie King. Whether or not definite action is taken at the present sessions depends, to a certain extent, on the progress which is made with legislation, but the matter is before the government, and a measure may be brought down after the Easter recess.

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