The Month That Was – February 1948

Bomb Blast Injure 20 in Palestine
February 2, 1948
Written By, Carter L. Davidson

Jerusalem, Feb.2- (AP)- Police said today they were still unable to fix the blame for a bomb blast which wrecked the Palestine post last night, injured at least 20 persons and touched off an $800 000 fire.

One Arab source said Arabs did it, other informants blamed Jewish extremists who have threatened the pro-Zionist, English-language daily newspaper because of its moderate stand on Jewish defence.


More Receive Employment in 3 Months
February 3, 1948

Leonard Coulson, manager of the National Employment Service Office here, said today that despite a natural upswing in unemployment the number of unemployed placed in the last three months were up to percent over the same period one year ago.


Council Asked For Grants Totalling Almost $6,500
February 3, 1948

Mayor William Davidson and members of the Whitby Town Council, sitting at last night’s regular session of the council, heard deputations requesting grants totally nearly $6,500 during the year 1948.


Milk Increase in London Area
February 3, 1948

London, Ont., Feb.  3-(CP) – Milk price increases ranging all the way from half a cent to 1 ½ cents per bottle went into effect here Monday.


Tentative Approval to Budget Boosts of Nearly $97,000
February 3, 1948

Higher tax rate for the city in 1948 was forecasted last night when city council gave tentative approval to departmental estimates which exceeded by approximately $97, 000 the total provided under these heads in last year’s budget.


Toronto Leafs Break Boston Jinx, Win 4-2
February 5, 1948

The highflying Toronto Maple Leafs cleared another obstacle in the teams bid for National Hockey League pennant that had them stymied since March 6, 1945.


Gas Trickle Brings Break for Jobless
February 6, 1948

Windsor, Ont., Feb 6 – (CP) – The pall of gloom and lines of temporary joblessness began to lessen throughout western Ontario today as small supplies of natural gas trickled back to shut down industries. About 5, 220 of almost 25,000 workers, unemployed for nearly two weeks, were expected back to production lines at 45 companies.


Ford Sees Drop in Car Production by Import Quotas
February 11, 1948

Windsor, Ont., Feb 11 (CP)- As a result of import quotas announced yesterday by Trade Minister Howe, Ford of Canada may be forced to produce fewer cars and trucks than originally planned for this year.

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