Student Museum ‘Musings’ – Alexandria

My name is Alexandria Harris and I am currently a Durham College student in the Library & Information Technician program. I’ve been accepted at the Oshawa Museum & Archives for a 100-hour placement, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far!! So far all I’ve done is transcribe letters but I actually love it, I find it extremely interesting to read these personal letters between the Henry family members, and get a first-hand sense of the time period back then. There’s a video game I play called Red Dead Redemption, and it’s set back in this era so it’s what I see in my mind as I read these; back when you had to write to each other because you hadn’t seen each other in months, when you had to hope that elderly people would still be alive for you to see them one more time.

A013.4.2, letter from George Henry to his step-mother Lurenda Henry
A013.4.2, letter from George Henry to his step-mother Lurenda Henry

Some of the grammar is pretty terrible and the handwriting hardly legible but that’s also part of the fun- I love my puzzles J I get to piece together what it is they are saying to each other and some of the words or phrases are quite amusing. ‘Irotoyou’ instead of I-wrote-to-you, and ‘agonto’ instead of am-going-to, are just two examples of this.

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