The Month That Was – January 1922

An Epochal Event in Ontario’s history

January 3, 1922

Ontario has reason to feel justly proud, when on Wednesday last, the first great generator of the Chippewa canal instillation responded to the water power released by the combined effort of Primer Drury and Miss Marion Beck. It was an even prouder moment for the fearless hydro protagonist, Sir Adam Beck, and the army of young Canadian engineers who conceived the daring development and carried it to completion.


The Railways of Canada draw to your attention the new Railway rates!

January 3, 1922

For passengers
The advance on sleeping and parlor car tickets authorized in 1920 has been cut in half- the advanced made on ordinary fares at that time having been completely taken off many months ago.

For shippers
The percent of advance granted to the Railways in 1920 has been reduced ten points, in addition to a five point drop at the first year.


Making vehicular traffic safe

January 3, 1922

Toronto rate payers emphatically stated on Monday that they desire the city council of that city to pass a by-law providing that all vehicles must show lights at night.


More Births, Infant deaths lowered

January 5, 1922

The numbers of infants who died in 1921 under the age of one year was 69, as compared with 80 the previous year, a substantial and encouraging decrease, due largely to the work being carried on by the baby clinics.


Chevrolet Dealers in annual session

January 7, 1922

Chevrolet Motor Car Company sales and service men from all over Canada particularly the eastern provinces, were in conference in Oshawa this week for three days at the company’s head quarters. The conference was the most successful and most enthusiastic ever held by the men who not only sell Chevrolet cars but who recognize it as their duty to keep them running.


Place New Rails on Simcoe St. In Early Spring

January 12, 1922

The Oshawa Railway Company, Early in the spring, or as soon as the snow goes, will commence laying new rails the entire length of Simcoe Street. The present 60-pound rails in service for many years will be replaced by 80-pound best quality steel rails, found necessary to take care of the heavy and increased traffic of the past few years.


Dancing in high schools

January 17, 1922

Collegiate and High school Boards in several cities and towns have been engaged in discussing in recent weeks, according to press reports, the desirability of allowing dancing in the institutions of learning. In some places the ban has been placed on dancing in high schools. In other places, including Oshawa, dancing is permitted at student gatherings.


Young Ministers must be trained

January 17, 1922

“The most important problem of today is the development of Christian character and in working to this end the most important step is the training of our young men for the ministry” said Rev. Dr. Barber.


No Help yet Given to Unmarried men

January 17, 1922

Although there are quite a number of single men in Oshawa out of work in dire straits, no relief has as yet been extended to them by the Oshawa Community Welfare Association.


Would walk rope over Niagara

January 26, 1922

A young English girl announces that she is coming to Canada to duplicate Bondins feat of walking over Niagara Falls on a tight rope. 

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