The Month That Was – November 1929

Wednesday November  6,1929

Married Girl He Rescued

Married three months ago to Miss Edna Bauman whom he saved from drowning at King’s Dock, Ont., on the St. Lawrence River, on August 22. 1928, Elmer G. Costich, 24, of Rochester was notified Saturday that he had been awarded a bronze medal by the Carnegie Hero Fund commission for his heroic act.

When notified that he had been awarded the bronze medal Costich revealed that he had married the girl whom he saved from drowning three months ago. The drowning fatality in which Miss Marian B. Bauman, sister of Miss Bauman, and John L .Burns, 23, both of Rochester lost their lives in the St. Lawrence River will be recalled by many here.


Thursday November 7, 1929

Hunter Mistaken For Duck

Duck hunting has its perils, too, as Mr. A. J. Wood recently discovered. It may not be as dangerous as being mistaken for a deer or a moose but a hail of “B-B’s” doesn’t make one feel any too comfortable. Last week Mr. Wood was out in his canoe when a duck, flying low over water passed between him and a man in another canoe not far distant. The second man raised his gun and fired. The dick flew on but many of the lead pellets from the gun passed close to Mr. Wood and a few struck him. By that time they didn’t have force enough to do serious harm, but one passed through his right ear and another through his upper lip knocking out a tooth.


Friday November 15, 1929

Doctor Dies After Dental Operation

Collapsing after undergoing a dental operation, Dr. Raoul Chevrier, 42, well known surgeon, died at his home her yesterday. The operation was for the extraction of teeth. Dr Chevrier came through the anaesthetic successfully only to collapse five minutes later. He died despite the efforts of fellow doctors to revive him by administering oxygen.


Wednesday November 20, 1929

Editorial Notes

One might almost believe that summer is here again – judging by the weekend lists of automobile accidents.


Wednesday November 20, 1929

Monogrammed Bags

Monograms are smart as can be on new bags. The chic thing is to have tiny initials, simple as can be but squarish or oval in design, on the handle or strap or fastening, either in silver or gold. One black crepe de chine Chinese bag has yellow and green initials.


Wednesday November 20, 1929

Princes Receives Castle As Gift

The wedding gift of King Victor Emanuel to Prince Humbert and Princess Marie Jose of Belgium will be the Chateau of Racconigi, in Pledmont , the birth place of the Crown Prince, Popolo di Roma said today.

The chateau was built as a fortress in 1004. It has a big park and lake and has been used as a summer residence for Italian royalties.


Wednesday November 20, 1929

She Awakens During “Wake”

During a “wake” over the “corpse” of an aged woman at Mullahoran, Irish Free State, recently, she suddenly sat up in bed. Many mourners fled in terror. The women had been ill for a long time, and apparently died in the usual way. Neighbors and friends from all the mountainous district gathered for the “wake”. She had been in a cataleptic sleep and lived for two days after her awakening.


Thursday November 21, 1929

Editorial Notes

Oshawa’s Little Theatre is deserving of far more support than it is actually being given. It amazing how slow people are to support a worthwhile movement in their own community.


Monday November 25, 1929

Lost 400 Years, Painting Found

“The Lost Raphael” the original painting of the “Madonna of Saint Salvi” for which art experts have been searching, has been found here, according to several art connoisseurs. The painting, said to have been one of the master’s finest, has been missing four centuries.


Monday November 25, 1929

Boy Had Narrow Escape

While playing on the street in Warkworth, Harold Clayton, four-year-old son of Henry Clayton, of Belleville, narrowly escaped serious injury when he became confused and dashed directly in front of an auto driven by Ben Ewing of Oshawa, formally town clerk of Cobourg. The car knocked the boy down and passed completely over him but fortunately the wheels missed the lad’s body. A few bruises and soiled clothing were the extent of the injuries.

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