The Hilarious Hi-jinks of Historical Interpreters: Why it’s fun to work somewhere that has really old stuff.

First, let’s face the fact that, all offices have pranksters. We know this to be true. Heck, they have even made various popular television shows or movies about these sorts of crazy hi-jinks and pranks; case in point, ‘The Office’ (both the American and British version act as suitable examples).

Now, let’s look at another fact, museums have really old stuff. We know this to be true. Sometimes, just sometimes, really old stuff can be a wee bit creepy. For whatever reason, maybe cause of water damage, maybe just cause of general aging; some old stuff, say it be a painting or even a doll may scare the faint of heart just a little.

 So, I think you can do the math. Office pranksters + really old creepy stuff = some hilarious hi-jinks.

 I started at the museum back in November as a Visitor Host and have since taken on the role of Visitor Experience Coordinator while Jill is away on her mat leave. Since starting at the museum, I have learned a lot. For example, I have learned what an accession number is, I have learned how to make butter by hand and can tell you everything you will ever need to know about how to make a candle, but what I also have learned is that museum folk have quite a sense of humour.

 Although, there have been no office supplies in Jell-O or prank phone calls of sort, I am not too proud to say I have found myself at the receiving end of an ongoing practical joke.

 Not once, not twice, but yes, thrice I have fallen victim to walking into staff areas and coming face to face with a pretty creepy doll. Now, after the screams of horror and the shock wore off, I had a pretty good laugh about it all, but I will admit I open doors slowly now and peek before entering.

Caitlan, one of the museum’s summer students caught off guard by the doll

 Some may say that I was part of the original duo who started this series of unthinkable acts, but who can remember, right?

 Of course, it is all in good fun here at the Oshawa Community Museum and what we all can take away from this, is that this is one more reason why it’s fun to work at museum.

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